Our Story old


It started with culinary experiments in her home; expanding her range of products necessitated a move to her double garage and from here it quickly developed into a fully-fledged business.

Although her kitchen was fairly spacious the move to the garage resulted in much more space. It also enabled her to start a production line though at this time she could not nearly envisage what her eventual production line would look like a few years down the line.

An additional plus was storage and shelf space for containers, ingredients and finished products. Where before every cupboard in her home was filled to the brim and it looked as if each table boasted a still-life of jams, preserves and condiments, it was now possible to become a ‘garagiste of jams’.

The quest for fresh produce spurred Brenda into making her first jars of fig and apricot jam in 2007. In sourcing the ingredients, Brenda met interesting people along the way and formed new friendships; these friendships that have been an essential part of the company’s story and they continue to inspire the development of fresh new products.

From jewel-toned jams and marmalade Brenda moved on to glazes, condiments, preserves and chutneys, inspired by spices, her first love, and places across the globe that she has visited.

Guava and peach preserve hark back to her childhood; quince or fig preserve are great accompaniments to Moroccan tagines; apple breyani chutney as well as dhania chutney evoke the flavors of Malay cooking in the Bo-Kaap and Italian or Indian Salt Grinders bring international pizzaz to your dining table.

At Brenda’s we celebrate and respect all our ingredients by not adding any preservatives to our products. All our products are additive-free and made from fresh, natural ingredients, expertly sourced from local producers. Our products embody the flavors that inspire us and are best enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

To date, Brenda’s preserves are stocked at selected outlets nationwide and are also available on-line.