Life According to Brenda


I suppose I’ve been a closet foodie all my life. I have always found food inspirational and I love hosting dinner parties for my friends. When I wasn’t eating or cooking, I was buying hitherto unknown ingredients or experimenting with fresh produce. My travels to gastronomic countries like Morocco, Spain and Argentina further fueled my love for food.

Five years ago I took my cooking and culinary experimenting to a new level. Initially I started making jams. Every new season brought on a quest for fresh produce. Sourcing figs and apricots led me to the most interesting people -- there was no turning back. Slowly but surely my home industry expanded to include many different suppliers; what started off as one outlet soon grew to many.

After jam I added a balsamic glaze, followed by a tangy mustard glaze... and the list just grew and grew. I do not believe in using any  preservatives; I do not use any additives either – I use fresh products, adding a bit of this, a touch of that, and an ample amount of passion for cooking and entertaining. My balsamic glaze has a distinctive taste that can be attributed to the addition of stick cinnamon, star aniseed, vanilla pod and cardamom. The mustard glaze has an extra sweetness with a hint of condensed milk. Fig jam is the only jam that has a bit of ginger as well as some fig leaves.

Nothing gives me a bigger boost than someone complimenting my products. Recently a client quipped that I need to enlarge the sizes of my packaging, as her family goes through it too quickly! My heart swelled...


Brenda’s Preserves